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Are you tired of the same old routine? Do you yearn for a fresh start, a new direction? Physical activity could be the answer you’ve been seeking. It’s not just about fitness; it’s about transforming your entire life. Let’s delve into this exciting journey together.
Did you know that physical activity has a profound impact on your emotional well-being? It’s not just the endorphins at play. Engaging in exercise, be it a brisk walk or a yoga session, releases stress, boosts confidence, and enhances your overall mood. It’s a natural, holistic way to combat the challenges of daily life.
One of the most common reasons people cite for not embracing physical activity is lack of time. But here’s the truth: you don’t need hours at the gym. Even short bursts of activity, like a 15-minute dance session or a quick HIIT routine, can make a significant difference. It’s about consistency, not duration.
Physical activity isn’t just a solitary pursuit. It’s an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, to form bonds, and to create a support system. Whether it’s joining a local sports club or participating in group fitness classes, the social aspect of exercise is invaluable.

So, are you ready to embark on this transformative journey? Remember, it’s not just about the physical changes; it’s about the mental, emotional, and even spiritual growth. Embrace the change, and you’ll be amazed at the possibilities that unfold. Your new direction in life starts with that first step, that first commitment to physical activity. Let’s make it happen!

Here is one of the success stories from the HAF Department of education funded dance and music holiday programme. Taaliyah is blind and always wanted to learn Irish Dance.

Later a Video from Yorkshire Live went viral which hit over 1.2 million views.



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Sophie Roberts

New Direction Holiday Club team has been amazing with my autistic and adhd 8-year-old son.The Staff are so patient and helpful. I would highly recommend.

Adele Lowndes

My son loves going to the holiday clubs and won’t stop talking about if after

Ellie Bates Taaliyahs mum

This place hasn’t changed my daughters life.It’s given her a life.Thier ability to teach amazes me.

Jodie Batley Girsl High School

We loved having the Self Defence and Kickboxing sessions at out School.Ths girls were inspired and engaged

Claire Poppiel

I absolutly loved the ladies Self Defence course and it’s definitely made me feel more confident with my nursing career.


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